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Our Mission  

Nothing is more important than good health.

We create LifeCodes and custom ID tags

Collect medical and sensor data  

Track vital health observations

And connect to better healthcare solutions.

Our Service

& Emergency Profile

Five-digit alphanumeric LifeCode and QR code provide fast access online to emergency contacts and vital health information via any phone. Printed on wallet cards, labels, wristbands, Easy to carry and for anyone to use.

Keep Medical Records
Health Diary & Photo Journal

Upload 24/7 or have medical and sensor data sent to our secure LifeCode servers. Your personal digital diary and photo journals tracks symptoms, medications and more. All pin or password protected yet.

Access Great Healthcare
Services & Savings

MyHealth.Us links to the most needed services from independent expert providers both online and near you for quicker access, faster care. Cost and value are paramount. You can be well, get well and stay well.

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“We have had zero complaints, and we see more opportunities to use them beyond cost control and emergency assistance. We’ll be rolling them out to more associations soon.” Rod M., CEO health company

“I am a very active 74 year old. I love to work in my garden but because I have severe arthritis my kids are afraid I may fall and hurt myself. In case of an emergency my children know they will be called immediately because I make it a priority to wear my QR Life Saving Code where I store all of their numbers.” Joy Grange, Senior Citizen

“I am 91 years young. I drive, go to church and am very active in my community. My daughter insisted I wear a LifeCode. She wants to be contacted if someone finds me on the floor at Wal-Mart and she wants the EMS to make the best decisions about my immediate care. I told her not to fuss, but now she doesn’t have to worry. And I like it too.” Mary McDaniel, Senior Citizen

“I do long-distance cross-country wilderness hikes. My GPS and MyQR Life Code are with me always. If I need help, any hospital can instantly access my medical information. MyQR Life Code has it all, and I don’t carry more than I need. I never go on an adventure without it!” Steve Kaiser, World Walker / Athlete

“Since starting dialysis I always wear my LifeCode. The LifeCode keeps a log of all my medications and symptoms. When I see my doctor or nurse I always have my information with me so I don’t make mistakes. I’m a high risk patient for injury and infection so it makes perfect sense for me to store all of my vital information in one place.“ Carol Wilson, Dialysis patient

“Being a Nurse and a Mom, I know the importance of keeping ourselves and our kids safe and healthy. LifeCodes ensure that in an emergency, you or a loved one receives help fast. Whether you are healthy or not, these LifeCodes allow you to be in control of your own health data.” Torie S., Registered Nurse

“As a teacher I am thrilled when I see parents providing their children with LifeCodes. Whether we are on the playground, cafeteria or classroom I know I can scan my student’s LifeCodes and quickly contact parents when they are needed.” Haley Kotara, School Teacher

“My shoe tag offers peace of mind—and is one more way I’m ready to handle unexpected emergencies. It’s easy to use. I recommend it for everyone, everywhere.” Dr David Goodrick, Health Specialist

“Managing medical details for our expat construction teams in Haiti has proven complicated. MyQR Life Code products are the perfect solution for our Remote Medical Management challenges.“ Tanya Vernon, HSE Administrator