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Keep you and your family’s medical information together, secure and available when needed.

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For $24/year, chose the wearables that meet your lifestyle. 

Our phone label, shoe tag, pendant, charm, label, wristband and wallet card allows you to store and access your emergency profile, health records and health diary during an emergency and when accessing healthcare services. 

We also provide 24/7 assistance to answer your questions and guide you to appropriate care and services.

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Satisfied Clients

"I am a very active but I have severe arthritis My kids are afraid I may fall and hurt myself. In case of an emergency my children know they will be called immediately because I make it a priority to wear my QR LifeCode."
Joy Grange, Active Adult

“I am 91 years young. I drive, go to church and am very active in my community. My daughter insisted I wear a LifeCode. She wants to be contacted if someone finds me on the floor at Wal-Mart and she wants the EMS to make the best decisions about my immediate care. I told her not to fuss, but now she doesn’t have to worry.”
Mary McDaniel, Senior Citizen

“Since starting dialysis I always wear my LifeCode. The LifeCode keeps a log of all my medications and symptoms. When I see my doctor or nurse I always have my information with me so I don’t make mistakes. I’m a high risk patient for injury and infection so it makes perfect sense for me to store“
Carol Wilson, Dialysis patient

“My shoe tag offers peace of mind—and is one more way I’m ready to handle unexpected emergencies. It’s easy to use. I recommend it for everyone, everywhere.”
Dr David Goodrick, Health Specialist
“I do long-distance cross-country wilderness hikes. My GPS and LifeCode card and wristband are with me always. If I need help, any hospital can instantly access my medical information. My MyHealth emergency profile has it all, and I don’t carry more than I need. I never go on an adventure without it!”
Steve Kaiser, World Walker / Athlete

“Being a Nurse and a Mom, I know the importance of keeping ourselves and our kids safe and healthy. LifeCodes ensure that in an emergency, you or a loved one receives help fast. Whether you are healthy or not, these LifeCodes allow you to be in control of your own health data.”
Torie S., Registered Nurse



Keep medical records securely together but available when you need them

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Maintain your Emergency Profile and contact us 24/7 for care assistance

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