A QR code (quick response code) is a type of 2D bar code that is used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone. In this sense, it’s similar to the traditional bar codes we see on products, except that it can store a lot more information per unit of area.
Caregivers or first responders scan your MYQR Life Code using an app on their smartphone. The emergency information you provided will be displayed. Quick access to this information can be critical in an emergency.
You don’t have to have a smartphone to use MYQR Life Codes. You can access your Life Code profile through any computer using your personal ID and PIN. If you wish to use your smartphone, you can scan your MYQR Life Code using a free app. Search for QR readers in the app store and you’ll find plenty of free options to choose from.
In case of an emergency, your critical information can easily be retrieved by a first responder with a click of a smartphone.
The only information that is readily available is the emergency contact information that you provided. Other information is PIN protected.
In addition to storing emergency information for first responders, you can also store any medical or personal health diary information you’d like. This information is PIN protected. This means your health information is available to you 24/7, even when your doctor’s office isn’t open. Insurance information, photos and medical files, your children’s vaccination records, etc. All of this and more can be stored in one place that is easily accessible.
By scanning your MedRecs MYQR Life Code, you can reassign a new PIN or password.
The person who is trying to help you and scans your code will see your emergency contact information. No one else will have access to any information because it is PIN protected.
When scanned, your MYQR Life Code links directly to the emergency information you added when you set up your account. Additional medical information can be stored, but is PIN protected.
Your information can be updated 24/7 from a smartphone or computer. From your smartphone, simply scan the MYQR Life code, enter your PIN and password to update any information.

From your computer, go to www.MR1.co and follow the directions to access and update your information. You will also need your PIN and password to update this information.

Yes. You should visit our website, scan or enter your MYQR Life Code, choose a language and your information will be translated for you.
No. the cost of the MYQR package includes a lifetime membership for storing your emergency contact information.