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We facilitate secure collection and access to health data for populations of all ages, and proactively identify unmet needs.

Schools + Communities

Faster emergency care, medical forms and records, and health tracking for schools and communities with BlueCard.io and EmergencyManager.io.

Since 2018 we've provided schools with the NYC required Emergency Contact and Health Information card at no cost to school or parent.

Discover the Benefits of

Easy Launch

A faster, more secure way to distribute, collect, analyze, store and update data.

Safer during emergencies

Care providers with permission can Instantly see life-saving and vital information.

More Affordable Care

We educate and assist users in real-time through text, email and phone.

is FERPA compliant

Vital private information
is PIN and Password protected.


Digitized BlueCards ensures faster communications and fewer errors.


Students’ data are protected with
state-of-art encryption.


Parents and caregivers share more accurate, comprehensive information.


24/7 assistance available for anyone needing help.


"BlueCard.io benefits every single family and benefits every single student"

Co-president Parents Association
Large specialized high school

“As a teacher I am thrilled when I see parents providing their children with LifeCodes. Whether we are on the playground, cafeteria or classroom I know I can scan my students' LifeCodes and quickly contact parents when they are needed.”

Haley Kotara
School Nurse


Parents can fill out forms in 15 languages within minutes from any device.


No messy handwriting or loose papers. Fewer errors and less correcting.


School receives forms immediately and any updates automatically.


By tracking health data, we can direct families to get earlier preventative care.


We help schools set up and transition fast from paper or other forms to BlueCard.io.

Faster communications via text and voice messaging ensures school and community stay informed and act to maximize safety.

MyHealth.Us confidentially surveys your members, assembles medical and other data, tracks and engages with them to identify unmet needs and provides access to lifesaving and more affordable services immediately.

Start using BlueCard.io,
EmergencyManger.io and
our community services today.

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