Instant access to emergency medical profile, health records, personal health tracking plus 24/7 assistance.


Wearable LifeCodes are customizable QR codes that link to your emergency profile, medical records imported from over 4000 hospitals, private health diary, and 24/7 assistance to finding leading-edge and more affordable care solutions. 

The result is fewer errors, earlier and faster treatment, better care, lower costs for patients and insurers, and more program loyalty and patient engagement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What QR reader application should I use?

iPhones and Android phones have QR code readers built into the camera. Just point your camera at the QR code. 

Is my information safe?

We are committed to keeping your information safe. Private information is encrypted, and PIN and Password protected. You control what is visible when.

What if I have more than one MyHealth LifeCode product?

All of our products easily synchronize. Family and caregiver accounts can be managed centrally or individually.

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